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docphot project

a while ago we were given a project which involved working with a documentary photography student to create a book of their photographs.
after lots of changes in design and messing about with the layout to fit the images in nicely we decided it would be nice to have something else within the book, so we decided to would create a few subtle illustrations which had to work well with the images. these didn’t end up taking too long to do and they ended up fitting really well with the photographs.
i sent my book off to a company called blurb and here is what i got back;

dust jacket
oatmeal linen hardcover
charcoal endpapers
proline uncoated paper


 front cover

inside image and illustration

double page image

introduction page

oatmeal linen wrap

dust jacket front and back


i’m really pleased with the outcome of this book. the quality finish is what i’m pleased with most. i wasn’t expecting such a well made finished result. i’m happy with the layout as well and the quality of the prints on the paper. i’m considering adding something in to the back of the book but we will see how it goes!


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Magazine layout.

A few weeks back I pretty much decided on the fold I would have and then gradually the layout. I want the layout to be straight forward, easy to get through and pleasing to the eye. Which means I will have to make it look all pretty, bare in mind this next picture isn’t the pretty final version. I have looked at my drawn up layouts, tweaked them slightly and now i’ve finally started putting it all together in InDesign. Here is what I have so far;

This is my final fold and all my final text. The titles will NOT look like this, I will be making the magazine look typographically pleasing. I don’t want it all to be too boring. The images will not be photographs they will be illustrations. I have so far only done hand drawings on layout pages for my illustrations so far to develop the style I want. Soon I will be recreating the images in Photoshop using a graphics tablet to create the desired effect. The text will not look this blocky either, I will try to do something with it in order to make it more appealing, perhaps make it smaller.

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Changes to my magazine content.

After to speaking to a few people and asking for their opinions about my ideas for the magazine, I decided to change a few things. I was trying to fit too many images in to the magazine. I was squeezing too much in, I wouldn’t have been able to describe each image in the detail that I’d planned and wanted. Instead of 10 boats I will only be doing 5. 2 on each fold, and the the final one will be a large map and image on the inside. I will be able to fit a lot more text in. Although people like pretty pictures in a magazine, this specific magazine is also about the information and the facts I will be putting with the text. People will want to know about the boats not just look at them. With 5 images I feel I will be able to do what I wanted. Here are my final boats;

I chose these boats because they have a story to tell. I didn’t want to focus too much on the modern day boats because they don’t have as many incidents as these older boats. I have included a couple of modern day boats such as Emma Maersk and USCG Eagle. I mainly wanted to focus on our history of boats, because not many people know a lot about our Naval history. The battle of Trafalgar is the only well known battle to most young people. I’m not just aiming this magazine at young people though, I’m aiming it at boat lovers and people who are just interested in historical things and events.

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Inside layout.

For the inside of my magazine I decided to have a large poster. The magazine could then be continuously used instead of being put in a draw or binned after being read. There will be a large image which will most likely be HMS pickle with a map plotting the routes and journeys it took throughout its life. The paper will be a different colour to the rest of the magazine, perhaps a stained old-ish looking colour for the whole “old map” look. Under the image will be the text describing the boat and it’s key points throughout Great Britains naval history. Here is an example of the layout;



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