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working on the D&AD Nissan competition. This is just a small sneak peak!

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March 12, 2013 · 10:46

Illustrations update.

So I’ve not posted for a while, but I haven’t been completely lazy. I have done some more illustrations. They’re not completely finished yet but here they are;

This was the first one I did, I took away the background because it looked completely messy on my magazine layout. I think it looks alright with just a plain white background.

This one has taken me a while because I’ve stopped and started many times. This is the USCG Eagle. It’s a very nice boat but It’s not entirely finished. The water will be added in shortly but not in colour.

This one is not finished at all. I have tidied up most of the lines and the colour has been added. The containers will have more detail added and obviously some water as well.

I’m pleased with how my illustrations are turning out. I like the theme of red and blue to add a little bit of colour to the magazine.
I like the idea of having my magazine black and white but after speaking to a few people and doing a bit of research i have realised that it will look far better with some sort of colour added.

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I did a fair amount of research in to various different illustrators, I have found many I like but I don’t seem to be able to recreate the style in the amount of time i’ve had for this project. Over time I think I will be able to but at the moment I want to use my own style because it’s something I’m used to. I will be creating my illustrations in Photoshop, they will be in the same style as I did my bookmaking illustrations last year. I have 5 boats to draw, I started with the Delta Queen because it’s beautiful, lots of lines and details. I really enjoyed drawing it and even added a little colour as people keep telling me I don’t use enough of it. Here’s my progress and possibly my final illustration;

This was my outline for the boat, I added a little detail but not too much. There’s definitely a lot wrong with this drawing so I decided to tweak it a bit and add more detail. I added a bit of colour also and this is what I got;

This is how it turned out after adding more detail. I added colour to the stern-wheel because it’s one of the main features of the boat. I thought the water looked a little odd so I added a bit of colour to that as well and this is what I got;

I’m not sure if this is my final yet, I really like the outcome so far but I still think a few things need developing a bit more. The colour to the water looks better but I don’t want to go any further with adding colour. I wanted to emphasise the main feature of the boat only which is of course the stern-wheel. It’s a beautiful boat so I wanted all the lines to be very delicate and I think I’ve managed to create that look by keeping a lot of it without colour.

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Elder scrolls V: concept art work

Elder scrolls V: Skyrim, released 11.11.11 is a world recognised game. Not only is the game incredible but the art work and thinking behind it all. Here are a few examples;

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