Antony Gormley is a world recognised sculptor. He creates realistic but also abstract pieces ranging from  10cm tall to as large as 200-300 foot sculptures. His most famous pieces are the Angel of the North in Gateshead and Another Place in Liverpool. He puts his work in the middle of our everyday lives. His work is well known because of this. Not only does he place his work in busy towns and citys for everybody to see but also in deserts for very few people to stumble upon. He uses the bodys shape with many of his sculptures, mainly his own body. His famous Angel of the North is a cast of his body but increased in size and with huge wings bolted on the sides. He has created work for years, and has recently become very well known. Here are a few examples of his work;

Walter Seymour Allward born 18 November 1876 is a Canadian sculptor. He is monument sculptor and is well known for many  war commemoration monuments in canada and america. He started off as a carpenter and gradually developed in to an incredible sculptor with amazing ideas. He early work set his career in stone, creating the “old soldier” in Toronto really attracted people to his ideas. Eventually people came to him for various war time monuments. The South African war Memorial in Toronto set him for his huge world famous “Canadian Battlefields Memorial”. Here are some examples of his work;

Paul Hoggard

Remy Geerts

Ron Mueck

Paul Landowski

Richard Sweeney

Eduardo Paolozzi

AJ Fosik

Mick Burns

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