latest project is to rebrand a department of the university. it is known as BARC ( business accountability and responsibility centre). I decided to stay with the idea of a corporate logo design because of what the department does etc. i didn’t want too many bold colours so i ended up sticking with one. here’s the logo i came up with;

these were the first logos i came up with i wasn’t too sure on any of them so i played around a little more and these are my 3 final logos that i will present;

The top two are just a copy of one another but one is in garamond and the other is century gothic, i wanted to give the option of having a modern or traditional type face. the bottom works best wit garamond as the font, and if you look back at the development logos, i made a set of scales in indesign and as i changed the colour to blue the lines disappeared  but the main shapes changed to blue, i really liked this random sort of mistake so i’ve decided to stick with it.
i made some business cards to show the logos in use;

These are the business cards i’ve come up with, i’ve tried to keep it simple but with a twist so the logo/design would eventually become recognisable.


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able radio concepts

another project which is still being worked on is able radio. it’s a radio company based in wales aimed at helping disabled people. able radio provides work shops and days for disabled people so they go to the studio and learn many different things with people who share similar disabilities. it’s a fantastic radio station, and they’ve asked us to re-brand the company. we have to create a new logo, brochures, leaflets, pop up banners and web banners. here’s a few of my ideas so far;

this was my initial idea, keeping the arrow pointing theme, the same colour scheme but making a corporate sort of logo. after taking a break from the project and coming back to this, i really didn’t like it at all.
these are the next few concepts i did;

this was another idea, it’s very simple, just triangles layered over one another to create the A. this idea works quite well but it’s not quite right.
it then developed in to this;

i ended up using their strap line “a voice for all” but keeping the triangular shaped “A” i’ve used century gothic regular because it’s one of my favourite fonts and it’s also very easy to read for the visually impaired. once again i’ve kept with their colour scheme because it seems to work well and it’s also pretty much set in stone that purple and orange are their colours.

using triangles as the “A” then stemmed to these ideas;

i used the idea for radio waves, it’s a very obvious idea but i thought it worked well. after getting feedback from my lecturers i decided to change the design a little bit more. i was told it’s all too cramped together, trying to fill up too much space and there’s no focal point to the logo. so i decided to enhance the radio waves;

this doesn’t work at all, i tried to layer two radio waves but it just didn’t work at all…

i made it all a bit more light, airy and spacious but still keeping the radio wave theme…

this is going to be my final logo, i’m happy with thickening the radio waves, i ended up changing the font from Motorway to Century Gothic Regular. after some more feedback from my lecturer telling me to enhance certain parts even more, i decided to pick out the “Able Radio” seen as it’s the main title…

this was another concept, which will also go in my presentation with the final that i like, it enhances the A but still keeps the radio waves and it also keeps the current colour scheme.

this was a leaflet idea, i’ve tried to link everything together even with simple lines i think this works okay. this was made before the images were given to us, so the text and imagery is off of their website.

this is the trifold brochure design, i’ve used the second final logo, i’ve made it stretch across the top of the brochure to create a link between each page and it’s a nice design feature. these are the new images but text from the website.




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graduate fashion show

another project i was given a few weeks ago was to create a poster, invite, banner and program (front & back cover) to the newport university graduate fashion show 2012. they were very specific with what they wanted, collage, british colours to tie in with the olympics and no cliches such as hangers and manikins.
eventually i decided to go for a very clean cut design because all though the process of making their clothing is very messy, their final pieces have to be done to perfection. i decided to follow this very neat and tidy idea but keep a modern style to it which would also display the standard of illustrative work of the 3rd years. we were given a few portfolios to flick through and a walk around the fashion department of the university. i got my ideas from the finished pieces, but obviously they wanted the british colours so i added that in eventually. here’s what i got for the poster;

i’ve been a little obsessed with this font lately and i’ve been using it with a lot of projects, it seems to fit with everything i’m doing at the moment, especially for this particular project.

program front cover;

program back cover;


i kept the program cover very simple, i used the same illustration on the front for 2 reasons. 1) because it was the best out of all of them and 2) because i wanted to keep a connection between them all with imagery rather than just using the same font on everything.

invitation front & back;


once again i’ve kept the illustration the same just positioned differently. i’ve used century gothic regular as the back font.
it’s all very simple because i personally believe an invitation is suppose to be a sneak preview of what to expect, with nice typography and a nice illustration i think this particular design works well.

web banner;

i didn’t want the web banner to be interactive, i find them distracting and i’m usually put off clicking on them because so many of them are usually spam adverts. i’ve stayed with the same fonts with both logos, the logos definitely need to be shrunk down a little bit. but apart from that i’m happy with the final results for this project 🙂



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penguin book competition

a few weeks ago we were given a project which was to design two book covers for two penguin books. this project was also a competition where eventually once shortlisted there was a large cash prize and exhibition.

here’s my first book cover design for grimms fairytales;

my second book cover was for one flew over the cuckoos nest;

i illustrated the grimms fairytales cover, very simple and child like which is what i really wanted to try and create.
my second cover went along with the traditional penguin cover theme, originally there was a cream box around the title just like on the traditional penguin books but i was advised to try and create something a little different.

i’m pleased with both of my finals, i enjoyed this project, unfortunately nobody in my class was shortlisted which is a real shame but the competition was high! all good fun!

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Finals graduate show pieces


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After doing the poster I’ve sort of figured out the theme I style I want to go for. I always wanted an elegant spacious look and feel to each piece but at the beginning of the project I was unsure how to create this in an effective way. After a ton of research in to various different typographic styles and general magazine browsing I managed to get the look I wanted. I played around a lot in InDesign but I hope from the poster people can see what I’m trying to do. Here’s my invite;

This is my final invite, I may do a few others with different shaped corners and and maybe a portrait version but I’m happy with the outcome as it stands.
I used Helvetica Neue Ultralight. It’s by far my favourite font, people may think it’s an obvious choice but it’s elegant, easy to read and it looks nice on paper. I decided to have a black and white theme because of the “Faces” theme which I explained in a previous post. I have set both logos as black and white to keep with the black and white. The only bit of colour I have added which is a link to the universities original logo and general colours. Blue works quite well against the black, I chose a bright-ish colour blue to stand out more but not to have too much of a striking impact when people read the invite.

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Final poster

I finally got my poster finished. I decided to change quite a bit with it. This was my latest one until I completely swapped it all around;

After we FINALLY got the correct text through which took a ridiculous amount of time to receive I could start to plan out where I wanted things to go. I hierarchy has to be spot on for a poster, because it could just be glanced at but it still has to put a message across straight away. I like the image on this poster, and the top half. I hate how the list of degrees is, I cannot work out where to put it, I could have a bit more of a play around but I mainly wanted everything on the left hand side. So then I decided to turn the whole thing landscape and see what I could do. This is it;

This is my FINAL poster. (unless the text gets changed AGAIN). I was persuaded to add a colour and surprisingly I actually really like it. I thought blue because that’s a strong colour within the university. I wanted the entire image to be black and white with really simple, elegant text around it so it doesn’t take too much attention away from the image but it’s still clear that it needs to be read to understand the purpose of the image fully. I’ve kept the logo at the top near-ish to the title so people sort of catch it out of the corner of their eye. It’s clear what graduate show means (university obviously) but I didn’t want to put newport in striking colours so the logo following on i thought was a good idea. I have a bit of welsh translation within the poster but i don’t want to overcrowd too much obviously. I’m pleased with how this has turned out but guaranteed more things will come forward in the next few days and it will have to be changed completely again!

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