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docphot project

a while ago we were given a project which involved working with a documentary photography student to create a book of their photographs.
after lots of changes in design and messing about with the layout to fit the images in nicely we decided it would be nice to have something else within the book, so we decided to would create a few subtle illustrations which had to work well with the images. these didn’t end up taking too long to do and they ended up fitting really well with the photographs.
i sent my book off to a company called blurb and here is what i got back;

dust jacket
oatmeal linen hardcover
charcoal endpapers
proline uncoated paper


 front cover

inside image and illustration

double page image

introduction page

oatmeal linen wrap

dust jacket front and back


i’m really pleased with the outcome of this book. the quality finish is what i’m pleased with most. i wasn’t expecting such a well made finished result. i’m happy with the layout as well and the quality of the prints on the paper. i’m considering adding something in to the back of the book but we will see how it goes!


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Finals graduate show pieces


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After doing the poster I’ve sort of figured out the theme I style I want to go for. I always wanted an elegant spacious look and feel to each piece but at the beginning of the project I was unsure how to create this in an effective way. After a ton of research in to various different typographic styles and general magazine browsing I managed to get the look I wanted. I played around a lot in InDesign but I hope from the poster people can see what I’m trying to do. Here’s my invite;

This is my final invite, I may do a few others with different shaped corners and and maybe a portrait version but I’m happy with the outcome as it stands.
I used Helvetica Neue Ultralight. It’s by far my favourite font, people may think it’s an obvious choice but it’s elegant, easy to read and it looks nice on paper. I decided to have a black and white theme because of the “Faces” theme which I explained in a previous post. I have set both logos as black and white to keep with the black and white. The only bit of colour I have added which is a link to the universities original logo and general colours. Blue works quite well against the black, I chose a bright-ish colour blue to stand out more but not to have too much of a striking impact when people read the invite.

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Final poster

I finally got my poster finished. I decided to change quite a bit with it. This was my latest one until I completely swapped it all around;

After we FINALLY got the correct text through which took a ridiculous amount of time to receive I could start to plan out where I wanted things to go. I hierarchy has to be spot on for a poster, because it could just be glanced at but it still has to put a message across straight away. I like the image on this poster, and the top half. I hate how the list of degrees is, I cannot work out where to put it, I could have a bit more of a play around but I mainly wanted everything on the left hand side. So then I decided to turn the whole thing landscape and see what I could do. This is it;

This is my FINAL poster. (unless the text gets changed AGAIN). I was persuaded to add a colour and surprisingly I actually really like it. I thought blue because that’s a strong colour within the university. I wanted the entire image to be black and white with really simple, elegant text around it so it doesn’t take too much attention away from the image but it’s still clear that it needs to be read to understand the purpose of the image fully. I’ve kept the logo at the top near-ish to the title so people sort of catch it out of the corner of their eye. It’s clear what graduate show means (university obviously) but I didn’t want to put newport in striking colours so the logo following on i thought was a good idea. I have a bit of welsh translation within the poster but i don’t want to overcrowd too much obviously. I’m pleased with how this has turned out but guaranteed more things will come forward in the next few days and it will have to be changed completely again!

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Poster development

So I decided to have a go at the posters for the graduate show after taking a few photographs. I picked my favourite one and added all the text etc. I know a few people are going to wonder why there’s no welsh on the poster, this is because I feel it will be far too cluttered. So instead I will do what a lot of poster/leaflets/booklets do which is one side english, one side welsh. In booklets they do half english then you turn the booklet upside down and it’s in welsh towards the back/front of the booklet. I like this idea, it saves making everything too cluttered and unattractive/busy to peoples eyes. This is what I’ve done so far (english side only so far)

This was my first idea, i love the idea of black and white purely because of the theme “faces”. I want to make a connection to every person, we’re all human no matter what our colour/race/face/size etc looks like. We are all people so black and white sort of makes us all equal in a way. You cannot see the models face because she’s “scared” to show it. It doesn’t matter about her face because everybody puts on another one anyway so she basically has her second face on. I’ve always stuck to very basic, elegant typography which I think works well with the style of the photograph. I’ve actually looked at the hierarchy for once and made sure the theme and title are the biggest. I don’t like the little block of text right next to “faces”. this will be moved!

I moved the image along slightly to make sure there’s plenty of space for all the text to be on the left side. I moved the blocked text under the date because it flows better and then all attention an be on the photograph with no distractions of text on the right hand side. People can focus entirely on the image.

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Shoot 2.

Today I managed to do another photo shoot with a friend. I’m sticking with my black and white theme, so my camera was set to monochrome again. My camera settings were; SS: 1/40. A: F5.0. ISO: Auto.
After doing some more research in the library i found a book called Doppelganger: images of the human being. I’ve scanned in some images which i will add to this blog soon. After looking through the book and doing some online research as well i eventually ended up with the idea of creating faces by using make up. It’s a pretty simple idea but sometimes simplicity is best.
After doing research into face makeup and working out exactly what I wanted to get across through the photo I decided I wanted to catch emotion. Loneliness in particular, because it’s something most people don’t like to admit.
I drew a skull on to my friends face, well sort of a skull. More along the lines of this image (which I used as inspiration);

 I didn’t use as much colour as this image though, I only used the pink lipstick with black blusher instead. I used my friends bedroom as a studio. I used one lamp, a black sheet and a couple of chairs. The lighting was perfect, I was really pleased with the out come. Here’s some of the photos;

 (this image is NOT landscape, for some reason wordpress will not set it out right)

I’m really pleased with how these photos turned out. I will be printing them out and drawing over the top of them to see what I can do by hand rather than doing everything in photoshop.

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Here are some of the other photographs i took from the same shoot. I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out, especially the lighting since doing a little bit of research in the library. Here’s another edited image with a face on hands;

I love the lighting in this photo. The studio set up was in a friends room, so nothing professional. We used 2 lamps, a black sheet and a decent dslr with no flash with portrait settings and monochrome. No fancy work with the camera as such just very basic photography which actually turned out better than me faffing about too much with settings and effects in photoshop. I like how it’s very basic.
Here’s some of the other photographs, all of these will be printed out/put in to photoshop and I will draw faces/design/patterns over the top of them either on another layer (if done in photoshop) or on acetate (if done by hand) I would prefer to create these by hand rather than photoshop but we’ll see how it goes. So here’s the photos;


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