I have set up this word press account mainly as a university project. I hope to carry it on once the project is completed as a database for my inspiration and for my work.

My name is Bronwyn, I am 19 years young and I’m currently living in Newport, Wales. I attend the University of Wales, Newport where I am studying Graphic Design. So far I’m really enjoying it and I hope to finish with a substantial portfolio.
I have a very busy life at the moment, I have a part-time job and work experience with a graphics company not far from Newport.

Once I leave uni I would love to work for a graphic design firm full-time and eventually grow and create my own company. I have done a few freelance jobs and I loved them, I would like more but it will come in time with my portfolio.

I am mainly in to layout design/typographic design, illustration and photography. I love the simplistic style, lots of negative space and a stylish and elegant feel to a piece. Don’t get me wrong I love artistic pieces of work but I feel I’m better at simpler designs.
My drawing style is realistic, I like things to be accurate and usually in black and white.
I love taking landscape photographs, recently architectural photography has grabbed my attention. I haven’t really done portraiture because the opportunity has never really come up.

I hope this brief description of myself tells you a story of how and why I design.

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