Art & Design venues


International contemporary design museum in London. It always has a brilliant range of exhibitions on and they are always updating the museum with new and exiting pieces of work.


Open since 1901, it has shown modern artists and designers since it opened.


Parasol unit is right next to another gallery, they have 4 exhibitions a year and they opened in 2007. They show modern art.


176 is owned by Anita Zabludowicz. She has a vast personal collection but she also shows other peoples works. She is a contemporary collector.

Imperial war museum

The Imperial War Museum in London is fantastic, it’s full of historical things, not just tanks and planes but also the art and design behind the uniforms, planes, tanks, propaganda etc. It’s really interesting and they do regular new exhibitions.

Saatchi Gallery

The Saatchi Gallery is based at the heart of London. It’s a beautiful contemporary gallery with lots of white walls to use as blank canvasses.

Martin Tinney Gallery

This is a private commercial gallery, and has been in Cardiff since 1989. They moved to their new building in 2002, after renovating it extensively and even extending to create a beautiful large space for exhibitions.

V&A (Victoria and Albert museum) 

The Victoria and Albert is a popular museum based in Kensington, London. It is a beautiful museum with school, college and university trips often choosing this museum as their day trips. They not only have design exhibitions but they also have a vast collection of historical pieces e.g, classical jewellery, carvings, statues, architectural finds, plates and cutlery and many other interesting things. It’s definitely a museum to keep a watch on and visit regularly.

Tate Britain

Tate Britain based in London offers many wonderful things to view. Ranging from modern design and photography to Turner paintings. They currently have a huge collection of Turner paintings covering an entire floor of the building. They have new installations regularly.

National Maritime Museum

Based in Greenwich, London. This museum has a wide range of boats, planes etc. They have plans and sketches of how each boat/plane was designed and how it was made. They also have collections by famous maritime painters.

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