my weekend…

has been rather eventful. we have a new car and so we spent the weekend just driving which was lovely. we visited parents and generally had a relaxing couple of days. 

i was on facebook during my weekend of laziness and have noticed how many of my friends have children, not just one, some have two and some are now pregnant and a few are even married. i was very shocked. not because they’re classed as “young” but it just shocked me because it’s that time in life when marriage crops up and so do children. that freaked me out a little because i still feel like a 15 year old, obviously i’m mentally more grown up than i was at 15 but i don’t feel my age at all. 

a couple of years ago and probably even still, peoples attitudes to having kids young has been completely shocking. it’s made me truly disappointed in older people. i noticed regularly that older people were the ones being judgemental towards youngsters having kids as if it’s something new. it really isn’t! Years ago people were getting married at 16 and having a child soon after, it was just the done thing. once you got married it was expected that you then have a child soon after. 
I know people are not getting married young, which often leads to instability in a childs upbringing. i understand that and i would agree with people if they were slightly disappointed in the younger generation. but i don’t think it was voiced very well. 
maybe it was never the age that people disagreed with but because they knew there wouldn’t be any stability. 

kids are younger these days, you’re forced to be in education till 18 now. and even after that it’s hard to get a job, it’s basically expected that you go to university which makes a degree less valuable. you leave at 21 if you study a standard 3 year degree and by then you’re in debt and move straight back home. 50 years ago at 21 people had been working, they had their basic grades but they climbed the ladder in their careers by determination and gaining experience from working hard. now it’s thought that as long as you have a degree it’s okay. but i think employers are now realising that somebody fresh from university with no experience isn’t necessarily the best thing anymore. which i think is great. i went to university and it was a great experience but i wanted to leave school at 16 and get a job. that doesn’t mean i’m not ambitious but in many ways i am very glad and grateful that i had the opportunity to carry on in further education. i guess i just think it’s silly when you need a qualification in bricklaying (i’m not mocking, it’s certainly a skill but a skill bettered from experience not a piece of paper). i also understand that some qualifications aren’t just written, a lot of them are practical which is great, but i don’t think a year or 3 year long course is needed for everything. 

when i went to university i studied a 3 year long creative degree, they called it full time but i was in about 3 days a week for about 4 hours a day, it certainly didn’t feel full time. i did a lot of work outside of class to start with but of course once you’re settled you become lazy and lack motivation. basically a year and half would’ve been enough time for me to study my 3 year long degree. 

some people i know carried on to do masters degrees, and they’re classed as wonderful in the industry because they have an MA. technically you can become a master at 22? a masters is only a year long course, which in a way is good, it’s short and sweet, but you’re suddenly amazing at your subject just because you have a masters. compare somebody who has been working a year after university to somebody who has a masters and people think more of somebody with a masters than somebody with a years experience. i don’t know if its the title that wows people or because it’s a more exciting topic. 
i’m not discrediting a masters, or studying at university, i found it a great experience, not just in learning but in growing up and maturing. it’s a hell of an adventure and i would recommend studying further. but people are being forced to be ambitious in the sense of studying further education. 20 years ago people left school at 16, got a job and worked their way up the ladder, you don’t hear much of that now, well i certainly don’t. i think it’s a shame that people are pretty much forced to study further, even if they only ever wanted to work in a call centre, or become a cleaner. people may laugh at these job rolls but they are needed and without them our way of life would collapse. 
we need our bin men, and we need our takeaway drivers. i know these jobs switch from employer to employer but what happened to being proud of your job and the career you’d chosen. people aren’t anymore, because you must go to university and get a degree, move home and be in debt and hope that you might possibly get a job in your chosen field which ends up very unlikely. 
it’s quite sad really.

but i suppose my original discussion was being freaked up about growing up, i’m still young so i think i was being a little silly. i embrace life day by day, but that doesn’t meant i’m a whacky and wild person. i’m adventurous and my imagination is one of my favourite things but i’m grounded and i’ve become grounded because of my partner who is very much level headed. (unlike myself) 
2 years ago if i could i would’ve hopped on a train with very little money and just move to another country and live day by day working to pay the lifestyle. that suits some but not me anymore. i don’t want to work to live, i want to enjoy my career choice so that it doesn’t become in my head “a job” it becomes something i look forward to. 

but anyway, it took me last night to write this and i got so tired i just shut the lid. so now it’s 8:18am and it’s time for me to get on with my day!


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