graduate fashion show

another project i was given a few weeks ago was to create a poster, invite, banner and program (front & back cover) to the newport university graduate fashion show 2012. they were very specific with what they wanted, collage, british colours to tie in with the olympics and no cliches such as hangers and manikins.
eventually i decided to go for a very clean cut design because all though the process of making their clothing is very messy, their final pieces have to be done to perfection. i decided to follow this very neat and tidy idea but keep a modern style to it which would also display the standard of illustrative work of the 3rd years. we were given a few portfolios to flick through and a walk around the fashion department of the university. i got my ideas from the finished pieces, but obviously they wanted the british colours so i added that in eventually. here’s what i got for the poster;

i’ve been a little obsessed with this font lately and i’ve been using it with a lot of projects, it seems to fit with everything i’m doing at the moment, especially for this particular project.

program front cover;

program back cover;


i kept the program cover very simple, i used the same illustration on the front for 2 reasons. 1) because it was the best out of all of them and 2) because i wanted to keep a connection between them all with imagery rather than just using the same font on everything.

invitation front & back;


once again i’ve kept the illustration the same just positioned differently. i’ve used century gothic regular as the back font.
it’s all very simple because i personally believe an invitation is suppose to be a sneak preview of what to expect, with nice typography and a nice illustration i think this particular design works well.

web banner;

i didn’t want the web banner to be interactive, i find them distracting and i’m usually put off clicking on them because so many of them are usually spam adverts. i’ve stayed with the same fonts with both logos, the logos definitely need to be shrunk down a little bit. but apart from that i’m happy with the final results for this project 🙂




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