able radio concepts

another project which is still being worked on is able radio. it’s a radio company based in wales aimed at helping disabled people. able radio provides work shops and days for disabled people so they go to the studio and learn many different things with people who share similar disabilities. it’s a fantastic radio station, and they’ve asked us to re-brand the company. we have to create a new logo, brochures, leaflets, pop up banners and web banners. here’s a few of my ideas so far;

this was my initial idea, keeping the arrow pointing theme, the same colour scheme but making a corporate sort of logo. after taking a break from the project and coming back to this, i really didn’t like it at all.
these are the next few concepts i did;

this was another idea, it’s very simple, just triangles layered over one another to create the A. this idea works quite well but it’s not quite right.
it then developed in to this;

i ended up using their strap line “a voice for all” but keeping the triangular shaped “A” i’ve used century gothic regular because it’s one of my favourite fonts and it’s also very easy to read for the visually impaired. once again i’ve kept with their colour scheme because it seems to work well and it’s also pretty much set in stone that purple and orange are their colours.

using triangles as the “A” then stemmed to these ideas;

i used the idea for radio waves, it’s a very obvious idea but i thought it worked well. after getting feedback from my lecturers i decided to change the design a little bit more. i was told it’s all too cramped together, trying to fill up too much space and there’s no focal point to the logo. so i decided to enhance the radio waves;

this doesn’t work at all, i tried to layer two radio waves but it just didn’t work at all…

i made it all a bit more light, airy and spacious but still keeping the radio wave theme…

this is going to be my final logo, i’m happy with thickening the radio waves, i ended up changing the font from Motorway to Century Gothic Regular. after some more feedback from my lecturer telling me to enhance certain parts even more, i decided to pick out the “Able Radio” seen as it’s the main title…

this was another concept, which will also go in my presentation with the final that i like, it enhances the A but still keeps the radio waves and it also keeps the current colour scheme.

this was a leaflet idea, i’ve tried to link everything together even with simple lines i think this works okay. this was made before the images were given to us, so the text and imagery is off of their website.

this is the trifold brochure design, i’ve used the second final logo, i’ve made it stretch across the top of the brochure to create a link between each page and it’s a nice design feature. these are the new images but text from the website.





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