After doing the poster I’ve sort of figured out the theme I style I want to go for. I always wanted an elegant spacious look and feel to each piece but at the beginning of the project I was unsure how to create this in an effective way. After a ton of research in to various different typographic styles and general magazine browsing I managed to get the look I wanted. I played around a lot in InDesign but I hope from the poster people can see what I’m trying to do. Here’s my invite;

This is my final invite, I may do a few others with different shaped corners and and maybe a portrait version but I’m happy with the outcome as it stands.
I used Helvetica Neue Ultralight. It’s by far my favourite font, people may think it’s an obvious choice but it’s elegant, easy to read and it looks nice on paper. I decided to have a black and white theme because of the “Faces” theme which I explained in a previous post. I have set both logos as black and white to keep with the black and white. The only bit of colour I have added which is a link to the universities original logo and general colours. Blue works quite well against the black, I chose a bright-ish colour blue to stand out more but not to have too much of a striking impact when people read the invite.


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