Final poster

I finally got my poster finished. I decided to change quite a bit with it. This was my latest one until I completely swapped it all around;

After we FINALLY got the correct text through which took a ridiculous amount of time to receive I could start to plan out where I wanted things to go. I hierarchy has to be spot on for a poster, because it could just be glanced at but it still has to put a message across straight away. I like the image on this poster, and the top half. I hate how the list of degrees is, I cannot work out where to put it, I could have a bit more of a play around but I mainly wanted everything on the left hand side. So then I decided to turn the whole thing landscape and see what I could do. This is it;

This is my FINAL poster. (unless the text gets changed AGAIN). I was persuaded to add a colour and surprisingly I actually really like it. I thought blue because that’s a strong colour within the university. I wanted the entire image to be black and white with really simple, elegant text around it so it doesn’t take too much attention away from the image but it’s still clear that it needs to be read to understand the purpose of the image fully. I’ve kept the logo at the top near-ish to the title so people sort of catch it out of the corner of their eye. It’s clear what graduate show means (university obviously) but I didn’t want to put newport in striking colours so the logo following on i thought was a good idea. I have a bit of welsh translation within the poster but i don’t want to overcrowd too much obviously. I’m pleased with how this has turned out but guaranteed more things will come forward in the next few days and it will have to be changed completely again!


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