Shoot 2.

Today I managed to do another photo shoot with a friend. I’m sticking with my black and white theme, so my camera was set to monochrome again. My camera settings were; SS: 1/40. A: F5.0. ISO: Auto.
After doing some more research in the library i found a book called Doppelganger: images of the human being. I’ve scanned in some images which i will add to this blog soon. After looking through the book and doing some online research as well i eventually ended up with the idea of creating faces by using make up. It’s a pretty simple idea but sometimes simplicity is best.
After doing research into face makeup and working out exactly what I wanted to get across through the photo I decided I wanted to catch emotion. Loneliness in particular, because it’s something most people don’t like to admit.
I drew a skull on to my friends face, well sort of a skull. More along the lines of this image (which I used as inspiration);

 I didn’t use as much colour as this image though, I only used the pink lipstick with black blusher instead. I used my friends bedroom as a studio. I used one lamp, a black sheet and a couple of chairs. The lighting was perfect, I was really pleased with the out come. Here’s some of the photos;

 (this image is NOT landscape, for some reason wordpress will not set it out right)

I’m really pleased with how these photos turned out. I will be printing them out and drawing over the top of them to see what I can do by hand rather than doing everything in photoshop.


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