Poster development

So I decided to have a go at the posters for the graduate show after taking a few photographs. I picked my favourite one and added all the text etc. I know a few people are going to wonder why there’s no welsh on the poster, this is because I feel it will be far too cluttered. So instead I will do what a lot of poster/leaflets/booklets do which is one side english, one side welsh. In booklets they do half english then you turn the booklet upside down and it’s in welsh towards the back/front of the booklet. I like this idea, it saves making everything too cluttered and unattractive/busy to peoples eyes. This is what I’ve done so far (english side only so far)

This was my first idea, i love the idea of black and white purely because of the theme “faces”. I want to make a connection to every person, we’re all human no matter what our colour/race/face/size etc looks like. We are all people so black and white sort of makes us all equal in a way. You cannot see the models face because she’s “scared” to show it. It doesn’t matter about her face because everybody puts on another one anyway so she basically has her second face on. I’ve always stuck to very basic, elegant typography which I think works well with the style of the photograph. I’ve actually looked at the hierarchy for once and made sure the theme and title are the biggest. I don’t like the little block of text right next to “faces”. this will be moved!

I moved the image along slightly to make sure there’s plenty of space for all the text to be on the left side. I moved the blocked text under the date because it flows better and then all attention an be on the photograph with no distractions of text on the right hand side. People can focus entirely on the image.


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