Here are some of the other photographs i took from the same shoot. I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out, especially the lighting since doing a little bit of research in the library. Here’s another edited image with a face on hands;

I love the lighting in this photo. The studio set up was in a friends room, so nothing professional. We used 2 lamps, a black sheet and a decent dslr with no flash with portrait settings and monochrome. No fancy work with the camera as such just very basic photography which actually turned out better than me faffing about too much with settings and effects in photoshop. I like how it’s very basic.
Here’s some of the other photographs, all of these will be printed out/put in to photoshop and I will draw faces/design/patterns over the top of them either on another layer (if done in photoshop) or on acetate (if done by hand) I would prefer to create these by hand rather than photoshop but we’ll see how it goes. So here’s the photos;



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