Graduate show research/ideas

So the brief for the graduate show is to create imagery which will go on the banners, posters, leaflets etc. The theme is faces and we can literally do whatever we like with that word.
I want to do something interesting but not something that’s too obvious. So I have a few ideas, some are obvious some are a little different.
One of my ideas which is one I would really like to give a go is overlapping illustration on to photography.

I had a random thought to get a model, photograph them in black and white and then over the top of the photograph would be an illustration of some sort. I’ve done a little bit of research in to it. I’m not looking for specific artists at the moment I’m purely googling for quick ideas so I can get started on some concepts.

Here’s a few images I’ve found;


These images are all beautiful and I really love the different styles I can play with. I think my first move is to find someone who will allow me to take their photo and then start experimenting with various things over the top by hand and in photoshop. I preferably want to keep this as hand done as possible purely because our emotions are expressed hugely through our facial expressions so I want to do this completely from myself. I think photoshop would be good to practice in but it’s too digitalised and it’s too easy to edit  mistakes. I want my mistakes to be seen.


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