Magazine & Illustration update

So It’s coming up to the end of the project and I’m pretty much on the last finishing touches. I have finished illustrating all of the ships and they are now in place. Here’s the magazine;


This is one side of the magazine. This side is completely finished. Here’s the other side;


After finishing the illustration of HMS Pickle and putting it in to place I didn’t realise just how much white space would be left. I’d always planned to fit a compass on this side of the magazine but ended up scrapping the idea. Now I’ve decided to add it in again so I’m currently illustrating the final piece to fit in. Here it is so far;


This is no where near finished it’s pretty much just a rough outline. I don’t want it to be all neat and tidy like the illustrations on the other side of the magazine purely because HMS Pickle is no longer around, I want this to be quite rough to fit with the idea that Pickle no longer exists. The illustration of the boat I did is also quite rough and the colours are slightly faded and messy. Here’s the final ship illustration;


As you can see it’s not very detailed and the lines are very rough and scruffy. I think this works quite well and the compass will match too.


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