Magazine advertisement

I didn’t want to spend too much time on my advertisement because it’s something that  is usually thrown away or put to one side to look at later. My leaflet will be telling people how they can subscribe to the magazine. Obviously it needs to be “eye-catching” and interesting to look at. With what I’ve done I feel I’ve been able to connect the style of the magazine with the leaflet quite well. I wouldn’t mind others opinions on this though as this is my first design for the leaflet. Here it is;


This is the front, very plain and minimilistic. I didn’t want the advertisement to be overrun with colour because it just wouldn’t fit the style of my magazine. I think this gets the message across without needing lots of fuss and bother.


This is the other side of the magazine. Once again there’s not much colour apart from the large red star which is to grab peoples attention to the “freebies”. Once again it’s very straight forward, with information about the benefits of subscribing and how people can do it.


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