Final map.

I took a break from illustrating my boats and instead finished the map which will be on the inside poster. It’s not going to be huge so I didn’t want it too detailed but I didn’t want it to be too small so that people couldn’t see the route HMS Pickle had taken. I’ve kept with the original colours that I liked, Deep red and Beige. I’ve made the “place points” stand out with bright colours and I’ve also added a key which is in order of where HMS Pickle went throughout her life. Here’s what I have;



A few people have asked why I didn’t just section the map off slightly to get rid of Russia, Greenland, Australia etc. I chose not to because this is suppose to be part of a poster. It has to look good on someones wall therefore I wanted the full map because a section map didn’t work any where near as well. I haven’t applied any textures because all my illustrations are flat images and I would like to carry that on throughout.


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