Map research

I looked at the inside of my magazine and I was completely stumped, in fact I still am a little. I don’t really know how to show my map, and make it visually interesting, but not too much like what is already about. I didn’t want the map to be hugely complicated with lots of roads, lines and place names. I want the map to be colourful to stand out against my ‘black and white’ theme. I wanted the map to look fairly old as well, not anything like the modern day maps that you can pick up at petrol stations.
I’ve done a bit of research in to maps, nothing like written details, just images from google. I know what style I want but I haven’t been able to picture it enough for me to draw it. After doing a bit of research I know have a much better idea of how to do it.


This last image is my favourite. I love the simply style and the colour as well. The countries are clearly separated by thin lines. I think this would be the best way for me to do my map. I wanted to plot the root of HMS pickle on this map. HMS Pickle does not go around the entire world, the ship mainly goes between America and Western Europe. I have tried to cut the map so America and Western Europe are just on show but it doesn’t seem to work. It looks odd and messy. So Instead I will create the world map like this one above, and fill it with a nice rich colour and possibly have an ‘old style’ background. I will name the countries in a nice way with the appropriate font. The root will then be planned out with lines and possibly a small key in one corner.


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