magazine update.

So I’ve updated my magazine a little more and i’ve been getting on with the map for the inside. I know the map isn’t going to be a huge A2 piece but I really wanted to ‘nail it.’ I’ve not changed much on my magazine so far but gradually you can see the style I love coming through.

This is the next update to the outside area of the magazine, it’s not changed much at all. I tweaked the illustration on the Anchor slightly so there’s no shading, it’s entirely a sillouhette. I will be adding small ‘symbols’ linked with ships behind each block of text. I think this breaks up the text slightly. It also makes the pages generally more interesting to look at. The font for the front and back cover will be Times regular. I like this font because it’s elegant and traditional. The font for the block text will be Helvetica Neue. I have chosen a traditional font for the front because it’s different to most other magazines. I went to my local supermarket and had a look at the front magazines and their fonts. Most mainly use San Serif fonts, I want something different and I believe using Times will make the magazine eye catching and generally different to whats already about. The font also links in with my older ships. I wanted a traditional style font to link with the older ships and a modern font to link with the newer ships like the Eagle and Emma Maersk.

This is where the map will be on the poster. I’m not entirely set on this yet, if the map turns out really nice visually then I will make it the focal point of the poster and make the illustration that I will be doing as small as this map. Here’s the map so far;

This is my map so far, it’s by no means finished! Because of my magazine being black and white I wanted to have a splash of colour somewhere. I’m not a fan of bright colours so I kept with a very rich but dull-ish red. This has to be my favourite colour which is why I tend to use it quite a bit. I’m not sure whether I will be keeping the beigey background or not that will depends on whether it fits with everything else once it all gets put together properly.
The route will be marked out in bright colour to pin point where and when HMS Pickle travelled.


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  1. I think you need a bit more of a margin for your text in the top one. It looks a bit squashed lol

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