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I found a news article on the Daily Mail website yesterday that I was really interested in. It’s linked with my magazine theme, and is about finding 3000 year old boats in a quarry. Here’s a section from the article and the link;

Boats from the Bronze Age: 3,000 year-old site reveals how early Brits took to the water

  • Early Britons were very mobile – and ‘commuted’ via river
  • Bronze Age fishermen used a method of eel trapping still used today
  • Site contains long boats, spears, swords, clothing – and even jewellery

Three thousand years ago Britons in East Anglia were skilled boat builders and sailors, enjoyed fishing, and the occasional bowl of nettle stew – and used a method of eel trapping still used today. They even used wooden cutlery.

This incredible, detailed picture of life three millennia ago is thanks to a haul of Bronze  Age boats, spears, swords and clothing have been unearthed at one of the most significant Bronze Age sites ever found in Britain, on the River Nene, at Must Farm quarry, Whittlesey.




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