Infographic update

Once I printed my infographic out large I noticed so many mistakes. After going through and changing the problems and even tweaking a few bits i’m not entirely sure on which one is my final. Here are the ones i’m stuck between;

I pretty much just moved bits around, I also realised I only had 9 squares for each category…which was a little embarrassing! I’ve also added a finals box so I can write in what my final 2 chosen images end up to be. I wasn’t and I’m not sure whether I prefer the blocks filled or not and I added the initials of each of my top 100 to the blocks to create more of a link. However I do not necessarily need this link because I have the colour on each page for each category so there is a link of some sort without needing the initials in the blocks. I’m still not sure which is my final, so I shall leave it to others opinions to decide.


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