Having a play around with the text for my front cover. I wanted it all to be very simple and straight to the point but obviously nice to look at as well. I did a bit of research and spotted this;

I was really stumped with what I wanted to do on the front cover. I knew I wanted it simple but I was still stuck. When I spotted this I really liked it. Very elegant, simple but still easy to read. I have recreated it with a different font (Times) and tweaked it all to make it look more like the style I wanted. Here’s a few different things I came up with;

This was my first try, I really do like the look of it, it’s simple and easy to read. The spacing does look off around the B’s because it’s a serif font and the serif parts cannot really be seen to it makes it look as if they’re too close together when in fact they’re not. I used Times because it’s a font a lot of people know and will follow easily. I also wanted the elegant feel that came across in the image that inspired me. These was my next two;

I thought people may want to see the N and S a little clearer so I put an outline on the letters at each end. This does work but I don’t think it would fit well on my magazine and I prefer the first design I did. The last one is all the letter with outlines, it doesn’t look anywhere near as good. The S at the end doesn’t sit right because I lined the Serif’s on the E and S up and now it just looks silly.
I will be sticking with the first idea and it seems to be fitting okay with my magazine so far.



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