I did a fair amount of research in to various different illustrators, I have found many I like but I don’t seem to be able to recreate the style in the amount of time i’ve had for this project. Over time I think I will be able to but at the moment I want to use my own style because it’s something I’m used to. I will be creating my illustrations in Photoshop, they will be in the same style as I did my bookmaking illustrations last year. I have 5 boats to draw, I started with the Delta Queen because it’s beautiful, lots of lines and details. I really enjoyed drawing it and even added a little colour as people keep telling me I don’t use enough of it. Here’s my progress and possibly my final illustration;

This was my outline for the boat, I added a little detail but not too much. There’s definitely a lot wrong with this drawing so I decided to tweak it a bit and add more detail. I added a bit of colour also and this is what I got;

This is how it turned out after adding more detail. I added colour to the stern-wheel because it’s one of the main features of the boat. I thought the water looked a little odd so I added a bit of colour to that as well and this is what I got;

I’m not sure if this is my final yet, I really like the outcome so far but I still think a few things need developing a bit more. The colour to the water looks better but I don’t want to go any further with adding colour. I wanted to emphasise the main feature of the boat only which is of course the stern-wheel. It’s a beautiful boat so I wanted all the lines to be very delicate and I think I’ve managed to create that look by keeping a lot of it without colour.


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