Entrances and Exits photographs.

I was going to do this at the very beginning of the project but never got round to it. Before I was set on my idea of transportation I looked into tunnels and bridges. I took some photographs recently of the bridges close by to me. I decided that they actually fit quite nicely with my current theme of Transportation. Newport was always well known for its history within imports and exports and it’s docks transporting steel and coal around the world. Ships had to be used to carry the goods to various places, so here is exactly where they started. The Transporter Bridge is one of the last working in the world and was built to allow any sized ship to pass by without having to halt traffic like on conventional lift bridges. Here are some of the photographs;

Here is the SDR bridge (City Bridge). I see it everyday when I wake up as I live in the closest house to it. It’s a lovely bridge with a constant flow of traffic. It was built in 2004 to prevent George street Bridge from clogging up too much and also as part of the regeneration of the area.

Right next to the SDR Bridge is a derelict building, I’m not entirely sure what it ever was. Probably a warehouse of some sort. Half of it’s roof no longer exists and the inside section no longer has any separating walls. There’s plenty of bare steel around as you can see in the background of the next photograph. A lot of it is now overgrown as well. But I liked how you could see the two different levels here, the two entrances/exits are no longer separated by a ceiling/floor.

I love the contrast beween all of this photographs. A historical bridge, rotting docks, a fairly new well used bridge to this derelict building, all within 2 minutes walk of each other.



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3 responses to “Entrances and Exits photographs.

  1. the old building was called Collingbourne’s car auctions. They use to have carboot sales there, long time ago, about 20 years.

  2. Then there was homeless people living in there, and because there was still working gas pipes running through there, it caused a fire. So that’s why there is no roof in there at all.

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