Magazine layout.

A few weeks back I pretty much decided on the fold I would have and then gradually the layout. I want the layout to be straight forward, easy to get through and pleasing to the eye. Which means I will have to make it look all pretty, bare in mind this next picture isn’t the pretty final version. I have looked at my drawn up layouts, tweaked them slightly and now i’ve finally started putting it all together in InDesign. Here is what I have so far;

This is my final fold and all my final text. The titles will NOT look like this, I will be making the magazine look typographically pleasing. I don’t want it all to be too boring. The images will not be photographs they will be illustrations. I have so far only done hand drawings on layout pages for my illustrations so far to develop the style I want. Soon I will be recreating the images in Photoshop using a graphics tablet to create the desired effect. The text will not look this blocky either, I will try to do something with it in order to make it more appealing, perhaps make it smaller.


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