So I started looking at the info graphic notes Helen kindly gave me a while back and decided to sit down and really get my idea sorted.
I researched infographics a fair bit before even planning anything. I wasn’t entirely sure what one was. After a bit of research I had a really good idea of what I wanted to do. I planned it all out neatly on paper but when I came to actually putting it together in InDesign I was horrified, it was absolutely rubbish. Here it is;

It is completely awful, I was pretty disappointed. So again I went back to researching and found something that inspired me, here it is;

I found this image on google, I was getting pretty annoyed until I found this. An idea sparked immediately and I finally got back in to designing my info graphic again. Here are a few of the designs I came up with in InDesign;

This was my first idea. Initially I thought it was my final idea, but after looking at it for a while I realised nobody would be able to understand that it is actually a landscape info graphic. Everybody would try and look at it as a portrait, so I had to do something to make it read this way up. Also, I wasn’t entirely happy with the colours so I tweaked them a bit because there seems to be far too much white. Here was my next idea;

I preferred this because of the block colours, I still wasn’t entirely happy with the colours but they definitely look better filled. I also put a large arrow. Commonly found on boxes and packages so people know to keep things a certain way up. But I wasn’t sure if this was enough for people to realise it’s suppose to be landscape. So here was my next idea;

I really do like this one. I prefer the text wrapping around. However I felt like I filled up the bottom right corner for no reason. I plonked the arrow and “top 10” there because it looked empty which is no reason to put something somewhere. So once again I changed it, and this is my final idea;

I think this design is more typographic. I didn’t want to just create an obvious design with text in the obvious places. The reason my info graphic is landscape is because of the layout of my blog. I have set my TOP 10’s in pages instead of posts. I did this because I feel it is much more organised. As you scroll through 1 of my top 10’s, e.g ARCHITECTS they go down in order of when i uploaded them instead of being placed randomly on my home page. So as you “chuck the dart” at the page, and you say landed on the 4th architect block down, you would then go on to my blog and find the 4th architect in the list and the first image with that architect would be the final. I am pleased with my final idea, I think it has the right amount of negative space, considering I really like the swiss style.


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