Changes to my magazine content.

After to speaking to a few people and asking for their opinions about my ideas for the magazine, I decided to change a few things. I was trying to fit too many images in to the magazine. I was squeezing too much in, I wouldn’t have been able to describe each image in the detail that I’d planned and wanted. Instead of 10 boats I will only be doing 5. 2 on each fold, and the the final one will be a large map and image on the inside. I will be able to fit a lot more text in. Although people like pretty pictures in a magazine, this specific magazine is also about the information and the facts I will be putting with the text. People will want to know about the boats not just look at them. With 5 images I feel I will be able to do what I wanted. Here are my final boats;

I chose these boats because they have a story to tell. I didn’t want to focus too much on the modern day boats because they don’t have as many incidents as these older boats. I have included a couple of modern day boats such as Emma Maersk and USCG Eagle. I mainly wanted to focus on our history of boats, because not many people know a lot about our Naval history. The battle of Trafalgar is the only well known battle to most young people. I’m not just aiming this magazine at young people though, I’m aiming it at boat lovers and people who are just interested in historical things and events.


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