Boat Design (research).

The project I’m doing at the moment is called magawebzine. I have to create a pocket sized magazine, limited to an A2 piece of paper which I have to fold in some sort of interesting way. The theme is entrances and exits so I decided to go with transportation, how we enter and exit different countries how we transport various things from one place to another. I’m very interested in boats and their designs as well as planes and their designs so I think this theme fits me and what I like quite well. My “boat” magazine will be issue 1 of 10. The next 9 magazines will be other forms of transportation such as trains and planes. Each issue will have a different form of transportation. I couldn’t find a single problem with this idea, but eventually I did. Not everybody will like every issue so would anybody subscribe? I realised that a fair few people don’t always subscribe and buy a magazine at random. If somebody like the boat issue but isn’t really interested in the train issue then they don’t have to buy it, but I’m sure some people would subscribe and would continue buying. Here are some examples of my research, I looked in to boat design so the information in the magazine won’t be a load of rubbish. The text will be well thought out and relevant to the overall content.



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